"Trying to Break Loose," Christian History
by Daniel H. Bays

Independent spirit. A young Watchman Nee. To break away from missionary control, Nee founded the indigenous "Little Flock" church in the 1920s. Under the communist regime, Nee was imprisoned for his work with independent house churches. He died in a work camp in 1972.

New Chinese Protestant movements also emerged, like the True Jesus Church and the Jesus Family, both with Pentecostal characteristics. The "Little Flock" (also called "the Local Church" or "Assembly Hall") of Watchman Nee (Ni Tuosheng) contained eclectic Brethren and Holiness features. All three of these movements are still strong forces in Christianity today. And Pentecostalism has been characteristic of many of the Chinese indigenous Protestant movements since the 1920s, including much of the "house church" movement in China in recent years.

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Source: Bays, Daniel H. "Trying to Break Loose." Christian History. (1996): 39-40.

Watchman Nee




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