Christianity in the People's Republic of China
by G. Thomson Brown

The vitality and diversity of the Christian movement continued to express itself in the emergence of new indigenous groups as well. These were started, for the most part, by charismatic Chinese leaders and developed independently apart from denominations founded by the missionaries. The largest was the True Jesus Church, established by Paul Wei and Barnabas Tung in the 1910s. The movement emphasized the literal interpretation of the Bible, faith healing, ecstatic utterances, and communal living. In 1926 the Little Flock was begun by Watchman Nee (Ni To-sheng) in opposition to formal church organizations, emphasizing Bible study and evangelism. In 1921 the first Jesus Family congregation was started by Ching Tien-ying on the principles of communal living, hard work, prayer, and daily worship.

...Other leaders of indigenous Christian sects such as Watchman Nee of the Little Flock and Isaac Wei of the True Jesus Church suffered the same fate as Wang Mingdao.

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Source: Brown, G. Thomson. Christianity in the People's Republic of China. Atlanta: John Knox Press, 1986: 42-43, 86.

Watchman Nee




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