Flame for God
by Leslie T. Lyall

A Biography of John Sung

Though Dr. Sung was no theologian, he never hesitated to enter into controversy in defence of what he saw to be the truth. He held his convictions with great tenacity. So, whether it was Dr. Oliver on eschatology, Dr. Eddy on the liberal interpretation of the Christian message or Mr. Watchman Nee on the doctrines of the Church, Dr. Sung entered the arena with assurance.

"There are many people better than I! For exposition of the Scriptures, I am not equal to Watchman Nee! As a preacher, I am not up to Wang Ming-tao! As a writer, I cannot compare with Marcus Cheng! As a musician, I am far short of Timothy Dzao! I have not the patience of Alfred Chow! As a public figure, I do not have the social graces of Andrew Gih! There is only one thing in which I excel them all: that is in serving God with every ounce of my strength!" All these men were raised up for this generation as witnesses.

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Source: Lyall, Leslie T. Flame for God: John Sung and Revival in the Far East. London: Overseas Missionary Fellowship, 1972: 146, 164.

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