Watchman Nee: A Man of Suffering
by Bob Laurent

He lived the life he wrote about,
a life devoted to Christ.

The titles of Watchman Nee's books say much about this twentieth century Chinese spiritual leader?em>Changed Into His Likeness; Love Not the World; A Living Sacrifice; and Spiritual Man. Writer, teacher, and church founder, Nee spent his entire adult life focused on the truth of the Gospel, and almost one-third of his life imprisoned for his beliefs.

Opposed by traditional denominations for his work in creating indigenous churches in China, Nee also encountered false accusations from the Chinese government, extreme poverty, and the ravages of disease. Yet from the seeds he planted grew larger churches that continued to thrive despite Communist persecution.

"O Lord! How can we forget Your grace?" Watchman Nee wrote in 1927. "Instead of resting and getting rusty, why not labor and trust? The strength of promise in time of need is never decreased."

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Source: Laurent, Bob. Watchman Nee: Man of Suffering. Uhrichsville, OH: Barbour Publishing, Inc., 1998: Back Cover.

Watchman Nee

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Watchman Nee




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